Friday, January 2, 2009

Let's just surround people with junk food, every moment of their lives.

We have an epidemic of obesity in the United States with 2/3 of the people here overweight or obese. It seems to be getting worse every year. I'm trying to imagine how difficult it would be for a parent who is trying their best teaching and encouraging their child how to be healthy, especially as it relates to eating. We are surrounded by advertising, sometimes we don't even realize we are targets of marketing, but children have an especially tough time figuring out that Batman doesn't really eat fast 'food', it's just an advertisement.
I see some steps in the right direction, like some grocery stores, including Wegman's, offer candy-less checkouts. Other places though, are going in the wrong direction. When I was getting my small, fuel-efficient car inspected (drive less!) I was dumbfounded to see:

Free high fat, high sugar frozen treats--and it's about to snowstorm! Does this auto dealer wish to make it difficult for parents with nagging children and others who may have a tough time with self control? Is it really necessary to succumb people to health-detracting food-like-substances at every point in their lives? I looked in the case for a healthy alternative, but alas, not even one could be found.
If we are going to reverse this awful trend of increasing occurrences of obesity, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer and other nutrition related life-shortening medical problems, we need to make some big changes in the way we do things in this country. Allowing corporations to continuously push Eat More Eat More messages to both adults and children just will not work.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Some guy posted on my wall

After careful consideration, I made a few posts, created a couple ideas and had promoted a few ideas of others from , a wonderful website that is to be submitting their top 10 ideas to the Obama Administration in the next few days. These top ideas will be followed by a national campaign! Well I just checked my wall and someone posted a message there which seems--coming from a science-based background--it seems laughable, until I realize that much of the public think this way. That really is scary.

First, his post:
Daniel Fish*:

"Since the beggining (sic) of time cow's have been a sign of a family's wealth. It is still that way is some places. Cows are not people. The only purpose barn yard animals ever had were for food. I agree that raising them by means of crowded unsanitary conditions is not being good stewards. If you think you will get society to believe not eating animal fat is good for them you living in a fantasy land. It may sound cool to young women who have no connection to the homestead farm from which we all have evolved. My sister and many of her friends have been stanch vegans. They regret deeply the effects it has had on their health. In order to recover from a deadly spiral they now eat animal fat. Raw Milk is the chocked full of enzimes (sic), vitamins and dense nutrition that can only be assimalated (sic) by animal fats.

{We already have plenty of digestive enzymes to break down our food, but many humans lack much or really any lactase, so we can't even digest milk well. Vitamin D is added by UV-light. Dense nutrients? Artery clogging saturated fat and cholesterol, obesity-promoting high levels of calories. Dense in calories, exactly what Americans are consuming too much of.}

My sister says she has caused irrivocable (sic) damage to her health due her pratice (sic) in vegan eating. She is the one who has turned me on to whole milk. I do not advocate abusing animals and want the government off our backs in all arenas. {The government should stop promoting milk, a body-fluid that many cannot even consume and tolerate in the short term--allergy/intolerance}
We should join forces and fight the filthy rich not one another. I support the ethical treatment of man also. {Was she binging on oreo's and vanilla soy milk? They're vegan. I eat a variety of minimally processed plant-based foods. }

I would encourage what sound science on nutrition proves that animal fat is equivelant (sic) to a sound and properous (sic) healthy life.
{ I can't even fathom what this means. Eat bowls of lard? I thought 2/3 of Americans are already overweight/obese with many put on cholesterol and hypertension meds to mask consequnces of diet, and without any dietary changes recommended. hmm.}

I am posotive (sic) the need for health care and AMA doctors is intertwined with speeding up the need and frequency for which we need this system pushed on us by the extreme wealthy.

I hope you will investigate the proof of sound dense nutrition instead of cool pop culture eating myths. If man started off as vegans man would no longer be on this planet.

Posted by Daniel Fish on 01/01/2009 @ 08:10PM PST

Now my (surprised) comment:

Mr. Fish--In regards to your comment below,
I appreciate your concern to find answers as to what a healthy diet really means. An exclusively plant-based diet with the possible exception of Vitamin B-12 , provides all the nutrients a human body needs.
{B12 is easily obtainable from using tasty Nutritional yeast (inactive) or from a B12 Supplement.}
As an athlete consuming a plant-based diet, aka 'vegan', I easily consume more than enough protein and many more vitamins and minerals without high levels of saturated fat and other unwanted consequences of consuming large amounts of animal products such as are in the Standard American Diet, SAD.
First you tell me that "My sister SAYS (my emphasis) she has caused irrivocable (sic) damage to her health due her pratice (sic) in vegan eating." Without taking a look at her daily intake, I wouldn't have much information to prove causation the lifestyle choice of being 'vegan' is suggested to have had on her health.
Then you tell me that sound science recommends we eat lard, which is precisely what animal fat is. If you have sound scientific evidence, please show it to me. As a Dietitian, I have never seen anything of the sort. I've seen the exact opposite. Years of research has shown that diets high in Saturated Fat, the animal fat you are recommending we consume, promotes cardio-vascular disease like heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. There is just zero benefit and many dangers in following a diet that is high in animal based foods, which is especially worrisome if you have a GOAL of eating more lard for some purported benefit.
If this is really a concern of yours, which it seems to be you would benefit from reviewing the science, which is the Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted, funded by Oxford and Cornell Universities and the National Institutes of Health, read The China Study, by T.Colin Campbell, PhD & Thomas M. Campbell.

Posted by Daniel Keough on 01/01/2009 @ 09:42PM PST

*Posted on both participant's walls without all the "(sic)" and {comments} through